We’ve Moved!

Our studio has gone through a lot of really exciting changes in the past year.  With our new space, our wedding business has evolved into more of a portrait studio, and we’re having a ball photographing boudoir and newborn sessions throughout the year.  This has been an incredibly fun time for us, as we’ve been able to push ourselves creatively even when not in our wedding season.  We’ve also been making little changes behind the scenes – things that often go unnoticed but that make a huge impact on our ability to focus on our clients and our photography better.  One of our latest changes is a streamlining of our website, which has led to a new blog address:  www.carisachee.com/blog.  There we’ll continue posting our latest portraits and weddings, just as we’ve done here.  And because we hated the thought of not seeing our favorite images on our current site, we’ve reposted a few of our ab fab sessions from the past few years. So please stop by the new blog and leave us some comments and some love.  We’ll miss you if you don’t!

Greensboro Newborn Baby Photography: Welcome to the World, Alexa!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of photographing Brisa and Keith’s maternity portraits.  As her many friends know, Brisa is a wonderful zumba instructor, and just one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  And now she has the sweetest little girl.  It’s not often that such a young baby will stay awake for long, but we were able to take quite a few images with her beautiful eyes open.

I loved meeting you, Alexa.  I hope to see you again soon!

Winston Salem Maternity Photography: Karen, Ben, and Sinatra

I met Karen and Ben, and of course their furry friend, Sinatra, on a beautiful spring day at Tanglewood Park, in Clemmons.  They wanted to document their first pregnancy, and I was honored to be trusted with capturing such an important time in their lives.  They were open to all of my ideas, and I was happily surprised by Karen’s willingness to sit down, get up, sit back down, and now get back up.  They were just so much fun to photograph, and I can’t wait for their newborn portraits next month.

I loved meeting you all, and I can’t wait to photograph your little one!

Radar Scabilloni - Cari,
I love these photos! Amazing work! I look forward to working with you again in the future when me and Mark are ready for a little one!April 5, 2011 – 5:15 pm

Greensboro Family Portraits: Jace at 6 Months

Last year, Michelle and Christopher asked me to photograph the first year of their son’s life, starting with her maternity session.  Every three months, I have the honor of documenting Jace’s life, starting with his adorable newborn portraits.  And I have to say, I am already super attached to this little boy.  He is the cutest baby with a smile that will melt your heart in a second.  And while I just love photographing him, my favorite part of our his sixth month portraits was at the end, when I held him while chatting with Michelle and Christopher, and he set his head on my shoulder to rest.  And who can blame him?  He had quite a day.

I can’t wait to see you in three more months, Jace, Michelle, and Christopher!